Showcase of Our Work

A2 Energy Efficient House

This is a home we built that attains the A2 energy efficiency standard. It was a challenging build however our tidy work ethic and attention to detail kept the project on point with the end result being 100% to the A2 Standard.


We can build extensions of varying size and shape to suit your need. Here is an interesting extension where we used as much of the interior space as possible in the extension. This extension as a result has some interesting angles that make for a varied living space. These types of builds can be tricky to execute well as standard carpentry and blocking simply will not do, it requires a dynamic execution by talented tradespeople.

Exterior Finish

All too often the exterior finish gets too little attention as the main house is ready to live in however we make that final push to ensure the exterior is as clean and finished as the job allows. Everyone is eager to get moved in but it is very worthwhile to take another day to get the exterior cleaned up and neat as once you start living in your new home it is difficult to find time to do such work.

Living Space

The living space in a house consists of the living room, dining room, hallways, conservatory, utility rooms and transition spaces. We have been lucky to have built some interesting houses that encompass unique features. While the houses may not appear dramatically different it is amazing how small touches can transform a house from a block of a building to an interesting home. Something as simple as an angled doorway or a semi-open plan space can transform a simple floor plan to feel like a more elaborate design.


The kitchen is the most important part of the construction for living comfort as it is the focal point of most home activities. We can pretty much make any type of kitchen you want or we can fit a kitchen you have chosen from elsewhere.


While we enjoy all aspects of building we do have a soft spot for nice carpentry work. There is a very satisfying feeling from a well made joint, structure or finishing touch done in wood. And wood goes a long way to making a home feel warm and inviting. Whether you want a little or a lot of carpentry works we can facilitate your needs.


As with Electrical work the bathroom fixtures and fittings are an area of the construction that will benefit you to have well planned out. This is the last chance to make decisions as once the floor gets poured then all your choices will almost literally be set in stone. It is more critical to make allowances now for plumbing as the costs later will be prohibitive, not to mention the mess that will be created by adding new pipes.


Electrical work is allowed for during block laying however the real work begins once the roof goes up. Good planning is important at this stage as adding electrical features will never be as economical as during the build phase so don’t hold back. Adding features after the build could cost many times more than during construction.


With the site cleaned down after block laying the roof is the next stage of the build. Roofing is a critical and expensive part of any build. The roof must be built cleanly and precisely to prevent structural weakness and any potential mold/rot areas. Finding these weaknesses once the roof is built is very difficult thus attention to detail at this point is critical to not having difficult to resolve issues in the future.